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Accelerated Allergy Shots In Leesburg, VA

Fast Track Your Allergy Relief With Rush Therapy

Allergies are increasing. And are estimated to affect as many as 30% of the adults and 40% of the children in the U.S. For many, over the counter medications simply don’t cut it when it comes to relief.

Rush Allergy Shots, Also Known As Rapid Desensitization Or Cluster Immunotherapy, Treatment Help You Find Relief Fast From Your Allergy Symptoms. This type of allergy treatment rapidly desensitizes your body’s immune system to allergens.

Allergy Shots Offers The Only Potential Cure for allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, atopic dermatitis, allergic asthma and venom allergy. And Rush Immunotherapy Offers The Cure Faster!

Benefits Of Rush Allergy Shots

  • Faster Relief From Allergy Trigger
  • Eliminates The Need For Weekly Or Twice-Weekly Allergy Shots
  • Reduces Office Visits And Insurance Co-Pays
  • Months Of Build Up Can Be Raeched In 1 Day
  • Can Be More Cost Effective
  • Requires Fewer Shots
  • Accommodating For Busy Schedules
  • Achieve Benefits From Allergy Shots Faster – Usually Within Weeks, Not Months
  • Quicker Protection Against Allergic Reactions

Call today to schedule your rush immunotherapy appointment. We offer same-day appointments Monday-Friday at our Leesburg office. Start getting allergy relief today!

What Is Rapid Immunotherapy?

Rush immunotherapy is an accelerated form of allergy shots which is one of the few methods available to actually change how your body reacts to allergies. Rush immunotherapy accelerates the administration of allergen injections through allergy shots thereby shortening the time frame required to obtain relief from allergies.

Unlike over the counter medications and other allergy treatments, allergy shots desensitize your body to the specific allergy trigger so that your body will eventually no longer react to the offending allergen.

How Does It Work?

Rush immunotherapy works very similar to traditional allergy shots with a build-up phase and a maintenance phase but at an accelerated pace. The allergy shots help you build up an immunity to the allergen by utilizing increasing doses of the antigen resulting in a desensitization to the specific allergy trigger so your body eventually no longer reacts to it.

Traditional allergy shots require lengthy commitment and frequent office visits. In fact, the build up process can take up to a year or longer and includes weekly office visits.

With rapid allergy shots you can condense the majority of the allergy shot process into a single afternoon. Instead of taking months to build up your tolerance to the offending antigen, rush immunotherapy does it in a 6-8 hour time period. Performed in an office treatment room, our nurse will provide a series of allergy shots every twenty minutes. Once this process is complete, you will be close to moving into the maintenance phase and will only need to visit the office weekly for a few months. In only a few months, you will only need a routine shot every 2-4 weeks to keep your allergy at bay.

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