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Spring Allergies for Leesburg Virginia

Here in Virginia, we can expect by late Febuary to early summer tends to be the worst for many allergy sufferers.” Why? Because “tree pollens such as oak, maple, and river birch are blooming during this time,” making it peak allergy season in Virginia!

In early spring, the dry winds make things worse by spreading allergens and raising the pollen count. As if that’s not enough, the warmer, wet weather “can cause mold count to rise — meaning trouble for those with mold allergies.”

Is It Allergies?

Allergic reactions can manifest in two ways. The first is a histamine reaction that occurs right after someone has been exposed to an allergen. Symptoms include:

Those who have been exposed to allergens for a longer period of time might experience a delayed reaction. The resulting chronic inflammation is characterized and bad nasal congestion and irritation that worsens over time.

If you think you may be suffering from Spring allergies call Dr. Ispas's office today to be evaluated and to have a personalized Allergy Treatment Plan just for you!


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