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Allergy Immunotherapy

Allergy Shots in Leesburg, VA

Proven Allergy Relief Treatment

Allergy immunotherapy, commonly known as allergy shots in Leesburg, VA, can provide significant long-term relief of allergic conditions including allergic rhinitis, stinging insect allergy, conjunctivitis, and allergic asthma. It is important to note that allergy shots do not treat all allergies, such as food allergies, however.

Who can receive allergy shots?

A trained professional such as an allergist or immunologist can administer allergy shots to both adults and children (older than five years old). Young children may have difficulty expressing side effects of allergy shots and should be carefully watched by parents in case symptoms emerge after treatment. Older adults should also be careful to discuss all medical conditions and medications with their allergist prior to receiving allergy shots.

How often are allergy shots given?

The number of shots administered and the frequency of treatment depends on the patient’s unique needs including the type of allergy being treated, the patient’s schedule, and the effectiveness of other allergy treatments. After carefully reviewing your medical history and allergy needs, your allergist will develop a plan for treating your allergies. In-office immunotherapy may be used in combination with out-of-office treatments (such as allergy medicines and monitoring your environment to eliminate exposure to allergens).

Why might I need allergy shots?

Many years of research show that allergy shots offer significant relief for patients experiencing symptoms of allergic conditions. Allergy shots can also assist in halting the formation of new allergies, especially in children (for whom immunotherapy may halt the progression of allergic rhinitis or asthma). Continued treatment assists many patients with significant allergy relief. Discontinuing immunotherapy may result in a relapse of allergy symptoms. If after one year of treatment these symptoms continue, your allergist may recommend alternative solutions.

Allergy shots in Leesburg, VA should only be administered by a trained professional in a safe, medical environment. Dr. Laura Ispas-Ponas of Allergy Asthma & Immunology Institute has years of experience in assisting patients through the use of immunotherapy. If you suffer from allergies, give us a call to take the next step in allergy relief.

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